Application Archive Proof of Concept

Application archive POC provides a glimpse into the application archiving process – Application Archive Proof of Concept (POC) – The application archive proof of concept is a simplistic application archive process to demonstrate the capability and value of application archiving. One application from the application portfolio process is targeted for the POC to help demonstrate archive capability and a basic user interface. This process facilitates discussion around what an archive will look like and how we will partner together during the application archive project.

POC establishes the repeatable archiving process – During the application archive POC, we will begin to establish the repeatable process that will be utilized for archiving all remaining applications. Archiving applications in a consistent manner is critical to show chain of custody, data immutability, and prove archive validation.

Gathering critical application information in advance speeds up the ROI The POC also provides a foundational understanding of how application archiving is performed and the type of information that is required to archive an application. Gathering critical application information in advance speeds the archive process so they are easily and consistently archived. In addition, your Business Analysts (BA) will become familiar with the application archiving process, which is one of the first steps to establishing program governance. The POC also highlights the value proposition providing a solid foundation to demonstrate to other business units the value of application archiving.

At truSyszygy, we have the expertise to conduct your POC so you will be successful. We will help you communicate the value proposition to other business leaders helping your business fund its future development by shedding unnecessary operating costs. For further information on how Application Archiving can help you streamline your operational costs contact us at truSyzygy.

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