Type of projects conducted

Banking Industry – Large financial institution acquired two failed banks and had to decommission their data centers and maintain access to hundreds of databases. Under strict timeline and mandate from the FDIC to decommission the data centers for two failed institutions the bank decided to conduct application archiving to achieve its goals. Over 275 databases in various formats (Oracle, SQL, Sybase, Access, etc.) were systematically archived from their native database to a central future proof datastore where its data is still accessible to the end user.

HealthCare Industry – Large Health care provider had hundreds of legacy applications that it still wanted access to but it no longer wanted the cost burden to keep them running. By employing application archiving, they were able to maintain access to their data while shedding the related cost burden. Application data was migrated to a central repository that was accessible to the end user. A user interface was created providing the ability to query legacy data.