Application Archive Governance Board

Application Archive Governance Board manages a repeatable archive process – Application Archive Governance Board helps you establish a Long-Term repeatable application archive process. Once the base applications have been archived, it is important to stay ahead of the archiving process and maintain information as applications age. With a consistent process in place, the archiving process becomes a natural progressing in the application life-cycle. The Application Archive Governance Board project outlines the high level processes to continuously assess your application portfolio looking for archive candidates so that you continue to run a lean application portfolio and archive applications as needed.

Establishes and outlines the archive process. – The governance board project facilitates setting up the officers that run and maintain the archive process. It also establishes the archive process to make sure that pertinent application information is gathered for each archive candidate to ensure proper documentation is kept to prove immutability and chain of custody. In addition, the application archive governance board will be the ruling body to ensure the archive repository is well maintained for future use.

At truSyzygy, we have established governance boards and process to help you maintain that lean application portfolio and not become trapped spending IT budget to run applications that can be archived. For further information regarding the truSyzygy application archive governance processes give us a call at truSyzygy so we can help you take your next step to maintaining your archive process.